231 Organizational business model

It is a system of rules, procedures, and controls that a company is required to maintain to prevent wrongdoing from occurring within the organization.

Italian Legislative Decree No. 231 of 2001.

holds companies vicariously liable for the wrongful acts of their representatives, directors, or managers,as well as employees under the management or supervision of senior managers, if those acts benefit the company.

Implementing an effective organizational, management, and control model is the best way for a company to avoid liability for the wrongful acts of its employees, whether senior managers or subordinate employees. The model is best known as 231 Model.

The Model must reflect the company’s specific characteristics, business activities, production processes, operating context, and stakeholders.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with corporate liability disputes, as well as assisting clients draft their 231 organizational and management model. They also serve as members of various supervisory boards.

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