Criminal Insolvency Law

AMP law firm provides insolvency advice for entrepreneurs, de facto and de jure directors, management board members, statutory auditors, chief executive officers, and liquidators.

We are specialists in the field of in insolvency offences and specifically in bankruptcy fraud.


Personal bankruptcy fraud:

this means fraud by an individual.


Corporate bankruptcy fraud:

this means fraud by individuals such as directors, auditors, etc., who do not administer their personal assets but the assets of another party, e.g. company assets.


Bankruptcy fraud:

this involves the deliberate manipulation of the bankruptcy process.


Negligent bankruptcy fraud:

this occurs when insolvency is the result of negligent action.

We offer assistance to both the offender and the bankrupt company, and also advise any parties entitled to seek compensation through civil action, including liquidators and eligible individuals under Article 240 of Italian Insolvency Act No. 267/1942.

We can provide assistance at all stages of proceedings and in the case of preventive court orders.

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Our services


We offer a wide range of services, not only for businesses, but also for private citizens who need assistance in Criminal law

  1. Crimes in the field of Construction and Urban Planning
  2. Traffic injury and homicide: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. Extradition, European arrest warrant and foreign legal assistance
  4. Red Flags: Violence, Stalking and Abuse
  5. Juvenile Delinquency
  6. Drugs
  7. European Court Of Human Rights (Echr) and Court Of Cassation
  8. Insurance Fraud
  9. Restrictive and Asset Confiscation Orders
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